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A cable protection system (CPS) protects subsea power cables against various factors that negatively impact on the cable lifetime, normally used when entering an offshore structure. When a subsea power cable is laid, there is an area where the cable can be subjected to increased dynamic forces, which the cable is not necessarily designed to survive

Flexible Conduit & Fitting , normally apply for All market. Commercial and industrial flexible protection conduits include both metallic and non-metallic options.

A cable gland (more often known as a cord grip, cable strain relief, cable connector or cable fitting) is a device designed to attach and secure the end of an electrical cable to the equipment.

An electrical junction box is an enclosure housing electrical connections, to protect the connections and provide a safety barrier.

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A flexible joint is a coupling which can transmit torque between two shafts which are not aligned. A flexible joint between the shafts corrects any misalignment.