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About Dossena

Considering Iran’s industrial development programs and an increasing need for accessories to distribute electric energy, and having made use of specialized knowledge, relevant experience, and engineering expertise in the field of manufacturing electrical equipment and components for more than 25 years, Doran Sepanj Nadin Company (Dossena) proudly provides services for the country’s industries.

In this regard, employing the world’s most recent scientific methods of international marketing, and attending special fairs, this company has been aiming for making essential key steps in order to meet consumer’s needs and become self-sufficient by running training courses in addition to a number of briefing (how-to) seminars.To accomplish its principal objectives, Dossena has been able to equip a factory, with an area of 15,000 square meters, with high-tech navigation systems, Europe’s most up-to- date machinery, advanced molding instruments, and best raw materials. It has also established a quality control unit as a result of so many years of experience in production, which has led this company to be one of the greatest manufacturers of electric industry and explosion proof accessories required by oil and gas companies, petrochemical organizations, power plants, steel, cement, and railroad industries.

Consequently, Dossena has been able to hold a high position among other business rivals including European companies. The company has achieved a National Standard Certification (2868), a European CE,IEC529 Standard, and an ISO 9001, ISO/TS29001 from German CompanyTÜV and ATEX-B 009 X and ATEX-QS 010 (Ex d,Ex tb) from Italian Company ECM, all making it obvious why its products are in great use in so many different industries.In recent years, due to the company’s growing need for more machinery, the vastness of productions worldwide, and consumers’ increasing demand for a variety of products, there has been a new section added to the company working in the field of import. For this reason, fulfilling all needs from one particular source could lead to saving consumers’ money, time, and manpower which is, to a great extent, satisfactory and reassuring for them, as well.As an Iranian most reputable manufacturer of explosion proof equipments andelectric cables maintenance systems, we hope to God’s help, our managerial skills, our staff’s high standards, and our consumers’ support to be able to maintain our position at the peak of glory.

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Dossena at a Glance

Reliable Products

Observance of explosion-proof standards in the production of specialized products

Presence in the Global Market

Applying the strategy of recognizing the management strategies, production and sales of a successful organization to maintain international markets

Upgrade Knowledge Level

Holding various training courses and seminars on how to operate the equipment and upgrade the knowledge of colleagues

Best Quality

The top production unit in many years in the field of production and export of industrial electrical components

Trusted Industries

Manufacturer and provider of industrial electrical components and services to power plants and petrochemicals

Sustainable Development

A quarter of a century of production experience utilizing the knowledge, experience and expertise of engineers