Doir-E1U Cable Gland

Doir-E1U Cable Gland

Industrial Armoured
  • For all type of armoured cables
  • Metal-to-metal armour clamping
  • Direct & remote installation
  • Permanently crimped, low impedance earth termination
  • Secure against self-loosening
  • Displacement type inner seal
  • Controlled outer ‘load retention’ seal
  • Deluge protection option
  • The thread available with Inch, Metric, PG, on request.
  • Material available as below, on request:

           - Brass

           - Nickel-plated brass

           - Aluminium

  • Protection: IP66, IP67, IP68

Other Products

Doir-E2W Cable Gland

• For lead sheathed steel & aluminium wire armoured cables

Doir-E1W Cable Gland

• For all type of steel & aluminium wire armoured cables

Doir-E1X Cable Gland

• For braided & steel tape armoured cables